Image of Michael Pierce

Michael Pierce

Clean Cut Landscaping - Owner

“then I saw the numbers roll in!”

“I was really concerned for my business after launching a couple of months back. I thought I had done everything right but it just felt like no one was seeing my website and those that did see it weren’t interested in my products… and then I found Limelight. At first I was skeptical, but then I saw the numbers roll in! I put my faith in Limelight and they achieved more than they had projected. They constantly exceed my expectations and now they are a critical part of my business.”

Image of Kristie Lavonne

Kristie Lavonne

Western Family Dental - Dentist

“they are like marketing angels...”

“I never thought that self marketing was this important. That was until I met with the lovely staff at Limelight! They are like marketing angels who came to save my client base from being lost to other businesses. They worked with me very well and erased every single worry that I had. After just three months, I had to hire more help to keep up with not only returning clients, but so many new ones. Thank you so much guys, you will always have a home at my company.”

Image of Adam Edmund

Adam Edmund

Fieldale Insurance - Consultant

“They...put my business on the map”

“I recently moved to a new city to achieve my dream of running a business and I needed a really strong start to put me above the competition. I reached out to Limelight and I was blown away with how quick they were to respond to my situation. Their experts were always an email away and it seemed like Limelight was always one step ahead. They did a marketing campaign that put my business on the map in a way I never expected! I no longer have to worry about my dreams falling through with these guys on my side.”


Limelight provides everything you need in a marketing agency. We have been providing our services and care to clients of all industries for several years. Our experts are able to provide digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), Amazon store optimization, pay-per-click ads (PPC), copywriting, marketing campaigns, social media management (SMM), custom web design, and so much more. With guaranteed success for all of our clients, you too can reach your goals and achieve your dreams with our digital marketing agency.


Our digital marketing experts are extensively trained to exceed the standards of other marketing agencies. We have hand picked several experts with MBA’s in marketing and advertising to give your business the best quality of work that money can buy. Our experts have what it takes to get your business to the next level. Partnering with Limelight Marketing Agency not only gives you the best value for your investment, it gives you unlimited access to all the resources that you will need to increase your growth and overall success of your company. Here is how we can help you today:

The Numbers Dont Lie

Many other marketing agencies can promise you huge growth but don’t have the numbers to back up their claims. Limelight offers you a realistic estimate that we often exceed in many cases. We won’t give you false hope with inflated numbers, our digital marketing experts are confident in what they are estimating because they already know exactly how they will achieve those numbers. You can trust your investment with us and see the results in real time.

We Are Marketing Experts

Many agencies hire marketing companies who have minimal experience in marketing a business. You can feel confident that our agents are true experts who have years of experience and extensive training to get your business the attention it deserves. Our agents carry degrees and certifications in digital marketing as well as having personally worked for many successful clients who have once worried about their websites traffic.

You Are Not a Number

At Limelight we treat our clients as unique individuals because well, they are! We don’t have a copy and paste method for our digital marketing services, we hand craft a solution to their business that's suitable for their brand and allows our clients to retain their dream without seeming to ‘sell out’. We are able to market you while being true to your brand’s mission statement.

Our Clients Come First

When you partner with us, you become our priority. We take pride in what we offer here at Limelight and we strive to keep the quality and efficiency of our work at superior levels at all times. We aim to ease any of your concerns and answer all of your questions without throwing out technical marketing jargon and giving you the runaround.


Our experts at Limelight Digital Marketing Agency know how to utilize all faucets of the internet to grow your business. If you are wanting to grow your customer base, need a strong digital presence, or maybe you want to reduce how much self marketing you have to do to get more sales or commissions, our experts are equipped with the skills necessary to deliver you the best results for all of your digital marketing needs. We have worked with clients from all over the world in many different industries. Our methods are tried and true and our experts know exactly how to handle any concern that you may have with growing your business. Our experts can help you with everything digital marketing, including professional quality web design hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, social media management (SMM), implementing or increasing pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, email marketing that actually works, high quality content writing, and more!

Our Digital Marketing Arsenal

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to get higher rankings on all major search engines? Our digital marketing experts use perfected methods to pick out the right keywords for your webpage that will help you climb higher without hurting the integrity of your brand. The message you are trying to convey on your website may not change, but your search rankings certainly will!

Web Design & Development

Have our experts design you a website that looks and feels professional while also being perfect for your brand. After our magic touch, your website will be easier for clients to get in touch with you, as well as being able to trust your brand by showing them digital competency, something that some businesses neglect and their client base suffers from. Our agents can also design your website in a way that can induce subtle marketing for your brand and increase revenue from visitors.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Want to see an immediate boost alongside Search engine optimization growth? Limelight can help implement PPC that can help generate a bit of revenue for instant results without being too intrusive and annoying your audience.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is having a strong social media presence. This is where our experts shine the brightest by using powerful advertising methods while also having a sincere and gentle touch to grow your brand or company and tight-knit community of brand loyal individuals.

Video Production

Videos are an incredibly powerful way to get your message across to your clients or audience. Our digital experts at Limelight can help you achieve great success by assisting you with the knowledge and tools you need to create high quality videos that will make a lasting impact on your community.

Content Writing

Something that every agent at Limelight loves doing is writing. Our agents not only write at an expert level, they know how to optimize search engine optimization while creating interesting and engaging writing for all of your needs, whether it be content for your blog, or excellent marketing copy to help get your business more consistent revenue.

Reputation Management

Our digital marketing experts are able to raise your reputation to always have your business shine in a positive light. Having a positive digital presence is crucial to maintaining good faith with your clients and will also increase future business with new clients as well as staying far above your competitors.

Conversation Optimization

Wondering why your website has a decent amount of traffic but no one is purchasing your products or services? What you need is proper conversion optimization that our digital marketing experts excel at to increase the amount of activity on your website. Our experts at Limelight know exactly how to increase engagement on your website and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Amazon Marketing

With 9.7 million other sellers on Amazon, the competition is going to be fierce. But not to worry! Limelight has helped many clients find moderate to great success on Amazon with selling their products. Have a physical store but don’t know how to get started with a digital one? Our experts can help get your online store started in no time with no stress added.


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