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Established in 2012 Limelight Digital Marketing Agency, also formerly known as Limelight Devs, have been working in all forms of the digital world, starting with web design and then after enough research and experience, branched out into social media marketing in 2017. Limelight has mastered the skills necessary for starting an online business and have helped businesses located all over the globe!

Limelight provides many crucial digital services such as web design, Internet marketing, SEO, PPC ad campaigns, email marketing, content creation (text, images, and video), and web hosting services for businesses who need a boost in their online presence.

A small team of web developers slowly began to expand their skills due to an intense passion for understanding all things about the internet and in no time Limelight Digital Marketing Agency was born. Today, Limelight has hundreds of agents all passionate about the same thing: learning how the internet works and sharing that valuable knowledge with other passionate business owners to ensure that their business survives the ever changing climate of the internet!

Our CEO Ronald Russo, began this company on his own one decade ago and through trials and tribulations, he understood how difficult it was to get noticed online and once he and his team figured out how to market themselves to keep their dream alive. With several years of this knowledge and experience to get noticed, a close friend approached him and requested help with getting their business noticed. This was our first client as a marketing agency and we are still partnered with them today!

Our company was built upon several ideologies that still hold true to this day:

  • Deliver realistic projections and then exceed them

  • Treat our clients like their business is our business

  • Deliver more than what our clients paid for

  • Stay informed and don’t pass on false information to others

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Why Choose Us?

At Limelight Digital Marketing Agency we offer what other marketing agencies can’t. Our business model surrounds the concept of gaining success by making other businesses or partner's successful. Our marketing specialists take great pride in achieving success and exceeding our partners expectations. At Limelight Digital Marketing Agency, every one of our agents is driven to passionately make your business dreams come true, that's why we hired them in the first place!

Here are some of our values and practices at Limelight Digital Marketing Agency that ensure that we are the best marketing agency for your business!

We Really Care

At Limelight Digital Marketing Agency, one of our most critical hiring requirements is that our interviewees show that they are passionate about passing their knowledge and skills onto our clients to deliver the best services possible. We have extremely high standards for our agents to achieve to ensure that your business gets the loving touch that it needs to succeed and rise above your competitors. We aim to exceed every expectation and projected goal that we set and our marketing agents love to take on new challenges to develop their skills even further to continue providing excellent customer service.

We Value Honesty

There are a large handful of untrustworthy marketing agencies out there that profit from false promises and terrible service delivery. At Limelight, our marketing agents will never give you a projected result that they cannot deliver upon. Our largest values are honesty and trust and we aim to earn our clients trust through our actions and results, not our words. If you are comparing your projected gains with our marketing firm and anothers, our numbers are as accurate as possible and not inflated as we never make a promise we can’t keep. If you are getting insanely high numbers from another marketing agency compared to ours, proceed with caution as many marketing agencies are all talk and poor delivery.

We are SEO Experts

Search engine optimization is a very powerful method of our marketing strategy and it goes hand in hand with every one of our other methods of social media marketing. We utilize SEO methods that will get you noticed on all of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you want your brand to appear on the front page of these search engines, get partnered with our SEO agents and we can get your SEO marketing campaign started today!

Web Design Experts

Limelight Digital Marketing Agency originally started as a web design company, so if anyone knows excellent web design, it's our veteran developers who have been working with us for a decade! Our developers use multiple coding languages and software to create your custom website and make it personalized just for your brand! We utilize languages like Vuejs, Reactjs, Nodejs, and much more. We have years of experience developing websites and can make yours look something like this, while intertwining SEO with your website’s content.

Open Communication

Limelight Digital Marketing Agency holds communication as one of the most important parts of our relationship with our clients. Our marketing agents are available around the clock to answer all of your concerns or provide you updates on your marketing campaign. We provide software to allow you to stay up to date on your analytics at all hours of the day.

Our Developers Rock

Most of our developers on the team have been coding for over a decade and have trained all of our new talent to get their skills on par with the Limelight standard. Our developers create 5 star quality websites that are engineered to get your brand noticed by utilizing subtle SEO marketing and other tactical methods to get your website the attention it deserves.

Marketing Is Our Specialty

At Limelight Marketing Agency, all of our staff are rallied together to accomplish one goal: exceeding our clients expectations and delivering the best service available! Our agents have worked with hundreds of clients and have launched countless successful marketing campaigns over the years. Limelight Digital Marketing Agency has years of experience helping clients get the results they are looking for when it comes to increasing the reach of their brand.

Perfect Delivery

Ever been to a restaurant and received the wrong order or your food was poorly prepared? In most cases, one bad incident can cause a customer to never return to that restaurant and likely spread their poor experience with others. At Limelight Digital Marketing Agency, we aim to ensure that you never have a bad experience with our marketing services by overdelivering on our promises. When you get a free consultation, our agents will provide all of the information and statistics to provide you with the best solutions that your brand may need. Our agents will not provide any inflated numbers nor any projection that they truly believe they cannot reach. You can trust Limelight Marketing Agency for all of your needs, and don’t just take it from us, read our client testimonials and learn what we’ve done for some of our most loyal clients

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If you are wondering why your marketing efforts are falling short or why your sales are stagnating, Limelight Digital Marketing Agency is here to remedy the problem. For a decade we have served clients from all sorts of locations and in any industry that you can imagine. Our agents will provide the marketing services your business needs and target your brand’s weaknesses and strengthen them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it's an entire website remake, a new SEO or PPC advertising campaign, content creation, or other marketing services, Limelight has it all!