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Running a business can be difficult, especially when it comes to understanding search engine optimization. You may be wondering why your website isn’t ranking high on search engines, or why it seemed like all of your website traffic suddenly disappeared. There’s no need to worry, as we have many other rising entrepreneurs who once asked the same questions, who are now able to relax as our SEO specialists put Hundreds of Businesses into the digital spotlight!

You may be here because of one or more of these reasons:

  • Your website optimization is perfect, yet no one seems to visit it.

  • Your website traffic is on a slow downward spiral and you don’t know why.

  • It seems like your leads and contacts are slowly drying up.

  • You have tried your own SEO strategies to no avail

If any of the former points apply to you, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you no longer have to continue your search for SEO solutions. With Limelight Marketing Agency’s SEO experts working for you, you no longer have to spend precious hours worrying about how to handle Google's ever evolving algorithm as our SEO specialists will do all of the leg work for you.


We have been providing SEO solutions for over 10 years to clients who seek to expand their online presence, increase leads, and increase their revenue. We have developed and mastered SEO techniques designed to the best optimization for our clients. Here are some recent examples:



Online leads


Organic Search Traffic

From the Client:

“Limelight’s SEO’s experts got my company back on the map and business has been booming ever since. I never have to worry about losing another client to a competitor again”



Online leads


Organic Search Traffic

From the Client:

“I’ve been led on by other social media marketing agencies and I felt right at home with Limelight. The SEO agents sat down and worked with me and gave me constant updates that eased any worry that I had”



Online leads


Organic Search Traffic

From the Client:

“I have been struggling to get my website on the front page and after a complete makeover, Limelight's SEO services helped me achieve my goals! I get so excited every time I get an update from them because I know I am in good hands”

Do you want to get your brand on the front page of search engine results or get found faster by potential clients? If so, you can trust that LimeLight Marketing Agency will go above and beyond using efficient search engine optimization to get your brand noticed faster.


Limelight has all of the SEO solutions that your brand needs to get discovered!



Limelight Marketing Agency has years of experience with SEO with experts who know your niche and can guarantee a boost in your ranking using specific search terms. Our SEO experts will analyze your website and determine what keywords that your website is using and implement keyword optimization to get your page noticed with our years of SEO experience.


Backlinks are a massive factor in ranking higher in search results. Our SEO agents at Limelight Marketing Agency will craft you perfect backlinks to our trusted connections with high quality websites that are relevant to your niche, that way whenever one of our partners gets found on search engines, your website will gather a bit more traffic as well from users interested in the same niche.


Improving your website’s optimization will assist with increasing your search rankings. Our web developers are well versed in SEO while they also provide around the clock technical support and maintenance for your website to make sure that your site doesn’t slow down for any reason and makes it easy for search engines to scan your website for our targeted keywords faster, increasing overall optimization.


More often than not, Google is optimized to show businesses closer to the user’s location. To improve your brand's local search rankings, Limelight SEO experts will use methods like Google My Business and upgrading your Google Business Profile to attract local customers who have a higher odds of employing your services and purchasing your product.


Our SEO experts at Limelight ensure that your online visibility and traffic will increase in quality after our magic touch. With ensuring that your content is high value, your images are high resolution and rendered well, and optimized headlines and HTML tags, your website is guaranteed to rank higher on search engines.


Off-page optimization is crucial to ensuring that your website gets noticed from others who have yet to visit your website. Our SEO experts will ensure that our handcrafted links will direct traffic to your site and inform Google’s algorithm that your website is offering high quality content and services, further increasing your search engine rankings.


Get your product listings found faster with proper SEO deployed across your listings and item descriptions. Limelight Marketing Agency offers Amazon marketing services with a complete SEO package to ensure that your products get found by more and more customers.


Our SEO experts can help increase the presence of your online store and get your products sold faster by giving your shopify website a complete makeover by our web designers as well as design your store and item descriptions in a way that is efficient for search engine optimization. Other services we offer are a complete Shopify SEO audit and review response publishing service for the best optimization for your store.


Our SEO writers at Limelight Marketing Agency are all experienced with how to create content that’s SEO friendly and will gather traffic and get your website higher on search rankings. We offer on-going content creation services as it is crucial to have content constantly posted on your website to ensure that your website remains relevant and continues to get found.


Limelight Marketing Agency saw record breaking results in the year of 2020 by helping hundreds of clients achieve their goals utilizing our SEO methods. At Limelight, we believe in trust and honesty, and the numbers below prove that we deliver on our SEO estimates from our consultations. Take a look at how our SEO methods have improved other businesses and how we can improve yours as well:

Total Leads:


Total Traffic:


Top Keywords:




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Limelight’s SEO Services that you can count on

With our best in the industry search engine optimization services, Limelight Marketing Agency is here to provide your business with the maximum potential for increasing visibility. Our ethical and tried and true methods include:

  • A fully customized SEO game plan suited best for your company and niche. We use impactful methods to guarantee you increased exposure

  • Onsite SEO services such as internal linking, search engine optimization-friendly page titles, keyword selection, and faster load times

  • Using advanced algorithms and market analysis to implement up to date keyword research to ensure proper SEO efficiency

  • Copy write created from expert SEO writers with years of experience with implemented SEO to get your site noticed and to increase viewer retention.

  • A comprehensive look at what other competitors can offer vs our SEO services and the statistics to verify our claims

  • Custom high quality multimedia to fill your website with engaging content to keep users on your website longer

  • Social media marketing to curate your businesses content into generating more traffic and growing a larger following

  • Optimization of hyperlinks offsite to influence search engines to lift your website higher on search rankings

  • Constant tracking of your website and tracking other rising trends in your niche with tools like Google

  • Analytics to ensure your SEO is at maximum efficiency


Google’s algorithm is always changing, as are all other major search engines . To reach higher search engine rankings, your SEO strategy has to be up to date and evolve as much as the search engine algorithm. With Limelight Marketing Agency’s SEO practices, we can ensure that no other SEO agency or marketing agency can give you the same results that we can.

Limelight Marketing Agency is determined to give all of our clients the highest quality work as well as custom SEO solutions that make a difference. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us and we deploy advanced expert search engine optimization methods to ensure that our clients remain satisfied.

Limelight Marketing Agency utilizes a SEO method known as ‘Agile SEO’. Agile SEO allows our marketing experts to analyze current search engine trends and capitalize on them for your brand. In other words, If we notice something rising in popularity on search engine results, we convert your content to catch that rise of traffic, diverting some of the spotlight for your company. Limelight’s Agile SEO Stratagem works a bit like this:


The first step before performing search engine optimization is for Limelight SEO agents to sit down with you and discuss what the goals and purpose of your business is. Our SEO agents will talk with you to identify what you are seeking as we understand every company is different. One company may want more traffic for their Youtube channel, or another may be wanting to sell more crafts on Pinterest. This is important for how we plan to implement SEO on your website.


During this phase, our search engine optimization agents will analyze your current website's condition, identifying your website’s key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as performing extensive keyword research to get a feel for what your website’s key strengths and weaknesses are. After our SEO experts finish diagnosing your site, we can begin to develop a more in depth strategy for your website.


This is where our SEO experts will begin to develop a 60 day strategic online marketing plan, although since every client we work is on a case-by-case scenario, this may vary depending on what data we previously have collected about your marketing gaps and other opportunities. Our SEO experts will work with you and generate expected outcomes for each of your marketing channels, as well as discuss marketing campaign goals and determine an estimated timeframe to achieve an increase of traffic or sales


It’s time to put our marketing plan to work after everything has been mapped out and discussed with our SEO experts. Our SEO experts will begin to implement search engine optimization on your website by taking headers and page titles and injecting high-performing keywords into them and other relevant areas like blog posts for maximum optimization. While our search engine optimization is in effect, our marketing team will begin social media campaigns as well as collaborating with other third party entities to get your brand maximum reach and potential.


Our SEO experts will be able to monitor your SEO campaign’s progress and have in-depth looks at your analytics live. Our tracking is accurate and allows us to make changes to your SEO campaign on the fly. We determine if the search engine algorithm shifts or changes and we make adjustments to ensure that your website retains its visibility. Our SEO experts will focus on how our methods are keeping your conversion rate optimization high, determining how much organic traffic was gained, analyzing total viewer retention, and observing click-through rates. To reach our projected results, our SEO experts will be able to take action before your website drops in visibility and keep your growth consistent.


At Limelight Marketing Agency, we aim to keep our clients constantly in the know. Our SEO agents will schedule regular sit downs with you and show you how our marketing campaigns and SEO methods are making an impact. We will take an in depth look and show you your overall traffic and search engine ranking, as well as your KPI insights. This step of our SEO procedure is to assure you that Limelight Marketing Agency is constantly making positive changes for your website and during these update checkpoints, our SEO experts will give you an updated 60 day strategic online marketing plan to show you new directions we may be taking your website to keep your growth increasing exponentially.


Limelight's SEO experts know that to stay ahead of the competition on search rankings, our methods and strategies have to be constantly changing. This is the ‘Agile SEO’ method we mentioned earlier. This is the most important phase as if your SEO does not shift and change with the algorithm, you will lose traffic, search rankings, and sales to other businesses who are rising in the rankings because their SEO is changing. This is why it is important to have a dedicated team managing your SEO at all hours of the clock. Why hire an in-house SEO team who may lack the years of experience and understanding of search engine optimization when our SEO experts are here to provide all of your digital marketing needs?


At Limelight Marketing Agency, we owe it to our clients the highest quality SEO work and ethics to ensure that your website and business are safe from breaching any laws or regulations that other shady SEO companies may employ like black hat SEO to reach a projected goal. Not every SEO agency can be trusted, as the only way that some of our competitors come close to our success is by deploying SEO methods that will get your website flagged and in some extreme cases, removed. At Limelight Marketing Agency you can trust all of our SEO practices as all of our experts adhere to our SEO code of ethics.


Get your maximum return on investment provided by our SEO agents

With proper SEO deployed on your website, you can expect a massive surge in traffic, sales, and see a higher conversion rate than ever before. By investing into a proper SEO agency you can guarantee a return on your investment as proper SEO usage will ensure that your website gets more traffic and sales, as well as acquiring increased clicks on your pay-per-click ads if you have them implemented.

Limelight has been implementing SEO methods for a decade, ensuring that our clients meet or exceed their expectations. As SEO experts, investing in our services will increase your monthly revenue, so in other words, if you employ our SEO services, we will make you more of a return for your investment, giving you profit and growth that you would not have seen without our SEO services. Our SEO team of experts have a motto: “If you give Limelight Marketing Agency a dime, we will give you back a dollar!”

As a living example of how effective our SEO work is, our search engine optimization is at work right now as you read this page. That’s right, you finding our website is an example of how effective our SEO work is. Like what you see? We can do even better on your website, because at Limelight Marketing Agency, we take care of our clients SEO needs before we take care of ourselves.


Experienced SEO experts

For almost two decades, Limelight has provided our SEO services to over hundreds of our clients, ensuring that their businesses rose high above all of their competitors and that their content was maximizing conversion rate optimization. We have hundreds of positive reviews as well as client testimonials proving that our marketing and SEO methods work to ensure that you get the results you desire.

Dedicated SEO Professionals

Most other marketing agencies hire SEO agents who can be labeled as ‘jacks of all trades’ but here at Limelight Marketing Agency, our SEO experts are just that. We have hand picked our talent from all over the world to have a wide array of SEO marketing experts ready to take your business and guide it into the spotlight.

Trust and Honesty

At Limelight, we value trust and honesty. Many SEO marketing agencies have inflated numbers or used scummy SEO and marketing practices such as spamming keywords and content, hurting their marketing and SEO efforts overall. We stand by our methods and SEO services because we know they work. We stand by our work proudly and aim to give every business trustworthy search engine optimization practices

We’re always getting better

SEO is a constantly changing beast as is Google's search algorithm. With constant market research, our SEO specialists at Limelight make sure that our methods and practices are always up to date and constantly ahead of other SEO agencies. We have hundreds of business partners that we collaborate with to make sure that we can offer maximum efficiency for your search engine optimization needs.

Legitimate Practices

At Limelight Marketing Agency, we value providing excellent service to our clients. We refuse to utilize any other marketing methods than white hat SEO to get you the results you desire. Several marketing agencies will deploy practices such as spamming keywords and bloat for your website for the sake of numbers and cause your site to get flagged by Google. As a trusted Google Premier Partner, we ensure that our methods are safe and moral to provide you the best SEO marketing experience.

transparent reporting

We make sure that our clients are aware of how our SEO services are affecting their brand the second we partner together. That's because at Limelight Marketing Agency, we provide constant reports via our online client portal as well as provide Google analytics reports to give you an indepth look at your performance and how well your website’s search engine optimization’s health is.

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