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Are you struggling with social media management? in this day and age, social media management is a crucial keystone for marketing your company and content so if your social media presence is weak, your online social presence will suffer for it. Marketing your social media content can be difficult and extremely time consuming on your own which cuts into your focus on your business’s other aspects. If you want to save that time and energy, you may have considered purchasing advertising through either an ongoing campaign or for sponsored posting on other platforms and pages but are wary of results. Your endless search for answers ends here with Limelight Social Media Management Agency!

Limelight Social Media Management Agency is here to provide you with everything you need to get noticed on the internet. Our social media management and marketing agents can help grow your audience on all major social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. by using our tried and true methods that have worked for all of our clients for several years. With proper social media management we can give you results fast so you don’t have to spend another day worrying why your following isn’t growing on your social media pages.

social media management in a nutshell

Understand why proper social media management is important

Knowing social platform management and maintaining your social media presence is crucial to your future growth and success. Many businesses are successful with their social media management and marketing campaigns due to how they focus and engage with their communities.

So what is social media management and why do you keep hearing about it every time you log onto the internet? Social media management, also known as social media marketing or digital marketing, is the act of crafting engaging content and publishing it across all of your social media platforms. It involves taking an in depth look at your audience and determining how to market to their needs and ensure that your content provides what they want, while also still retaining your brand’s identity.

At Limelight Social Media Marketing Agency, we take pride in social media management and ensuring that our clients are constantly achieving positive growth. Our social media management experts know how to craft content that will not only engage your current audience but also encourage a larger following by providing content that can and will compete with leading competitors. Our management experts are more efficient than other social media marketing agencies as our social platform management experts have over a decade of client satisfaction.

Women Sitting Working On Laptop This is an illustration of a women sitting while working on a laptop.


Proper social media marketing and account management will incorporate a more integrated process to ensure that your clientbase and your band are in a healthy synergy. Aggressively sharing links and content on multiple social media sites and your website will not suffice with achieving the results you desire. You can actually hurt your current following by performing bad Social Media Management for yourself.

With Limelight’s social media marketing experts by your side, we can show you how to properly engage with your audience in a way that mutually benefits both your business and your clientbase. Our social media marketing and social platform management experts will be able to craft a marketing plan and campaign that will give you actual results so you can focus more on your craft than selling yourself to your current audience.

Our social media management plan

How it works…

Our Social Strategy : Our social media management experts will analyze your current social media presence and craft you a general guideline of immediate changes that we can initialize on your social media platforms. With a good starting point to kick things off for your social media marketing campaign, our agents will determine things like what platforms to focus on first, determining who your target audience is, the perfect content to make for your current audience and for anyone on the fence to be converted over to your brand, and what the perfect software to use for proper management of your social media would be.

Inbound Engage Monitoring : Interaction with your audience is crucial to making sure that your content stays relevant to your audience. If you neglect questions, comments, and critiques of your content, you are isolating your clientbase and preventing further growth with a lack of engagement. Our social media management agents will be able to give your brand a unique personality that will impress your audience and get more people talking about your company and high quality content.

Social Analytics Monitoring : Our social media management agents will analyze your data and compare it to other prior methods to determine what went wrong and what went right. By monitoring important metrics on your social media platforms such as click-through rates (for targeted social advertisements), engagement metrics (likes, shares, and comments) and impressions, our agents will be able to determine the next move for your social media marketing campaign.

Create Your New Social media gameplan


Stop wondering why your sales aren’t meeting your goals

Industry titans recognize that proper social media management is crucial to dominating on the social media playing field. More often than not, when a new startup launches, they have a very powerful social media presence to garner attention and build an audience rapidly due to the use of strong social media management techniques. Knowing proper social media management is crucial to being able to run your business successfully. When you begin to perform social media management on your own, it can quickly become overwhelming and time consuming with mixed results.

When you engage with social media management on your own, not only is it a very time consuming task, but if you fail to implement a proper social media marketing campaign, post poor quality content, don’t engage with your audience, or fail to network with others in your niche, you can actually cause a lot of damage to your brand or business. This can cause some of your current audience to flock to other competitors who are excelling in social media management.

Running a proper social media marketing campaign does require a lot of working hours and staff if you wish to achieve success!

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Social Media Management On Your Own Is A Full Time Job In Itself!

Being able to carry out a full blown social media marketing campaign on your own can take several hours of time to successfully get the results you desire. That's not even including the time and cost to advertise your content on other social media platforms like Youtube or Pinterest. Proper social media management of all platforms can cost you a great deal of time and resources just to keep up a social media presence.

Social Media Made Easy

By hiring a social media management agency, you can cut your overall labor costs by a significant amount and you can get guaranteed results as Limelight’s Social Media Management experts know exactly how to market your company in a successful and profitable way using our management and marketing strategies that we have perfected over the years. It can be a bit daunting to hire a social media marketing and management agency once you see the price tag, but consider the many hours you have spent doing social media management and marketing yourself for free when it's coming right out of your pocket.

According to our social media management experts, when a start up business attempts social media management on their own, it can lack in many crucial areas that result in many wasted hours and resources.

Why spend hours and hours learning social media management from scratch and garner leads and sales by doing it all on your own? It can be more cost and time effective for you to hire a social media management agency.

Limelight Is Here To Provide You With Professional Social Media Management

You have so much to gain from employing a social media management agency with years of experience and success from helping out many other businesses just like yours! Our social media management history reaches back to the early days of the internet. Don’t hire an agency who has just as much social media management experience as yourself!

Hands Navigating On A Tablet Device This is an illustration hands navigating applications on a tablet device.

Many other Social media Management agencies rely on premade scripts and strategies to manage their clients social media utilizing the newest social media management software. While these social management tools are somewhat effective, you can end up paying more and receiving less than utilizing actual social media management experts who will work hands on with you and your brand instead of treating you like another number to another social media management company. In this day and age, these social media management softwares and methods that many other agencies use are not as effective as having a team of social media management experts crafting handmade and custom fit social strategies and methods to make sure that your content and business retains its unique feel without becoming a soulless corporate sell out.

As one of the most effective social media management agencies, we strive to ease all of your concerns and lift your brand straight up to the top where it belongs!



Our agents will craft content that is designed to provide the needs and desires of your target audience


Our agents will provide around the clock social media account management and answer to questions and keeping conversations active instead of having them fizzling out and losing interest


Limelight marketing analysts will ensure that your budget will be spent effectively, maximizing your results and ensuring that you make more than your investment back in no time


We will make a custom package of all the social media management services that you need so you don’t pay for what you don’t need and guarantee success in the areas that you are lacking or struggling with


And so much more!


How Limelight is the best social media management agency for your needs

Limelight offers everything that you may need in regards to social media management or launching a marketing campaign. Our services reach across all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, and many more! Our agents have lovingly been managing hundreds of clients' social media accounts for years and many of our agents know our clients on a first name basis. This just goes to show that we are passionate about what we do and our social media management agents really do get to know your brand and treat it as their own.

With our aggressive and non-invasive social media management tactics, we can utilize marketing methods like email marketing campaigns for increased engagement as well as account management that will drive up interest in your brand. We also offer services like analyzing your website optimization tactics and determining the proper social media marketing strategies to boost your conversion rate. Most of our social media management services work hand in hand to chain together for maximum efficiency.

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What's the difference between Paid Social and Organic Social?

Know which options are best for your social media management needs

What does organic social and paid social even mean and which one do you need? It is important to understand the difference as many social media management agencies may specialize in one or the other and may not be able to capitalize well on your specific social media management needs for your company. Organic social and paid social often have great synergy between them that Limelight Social media management can utilize in getting you a massive boost in growth. Here's the difference:

Paid Social: This is the practice of implementing paid advertisements and sponsored posts on multiple social media platforms to target a specific user base and help you find the right audience based on your niche.

Organic Social: This is the use of utilizing a social media platforms built in free tools to increase your content’s reach like posting content to your company’s social media pages with proper keywords to get found on search engines and to take advantage of the social media platforms algorithm to get noticed instead of your competitors utilizing the same social media management methods. This also includes creating content that will engage your current audience, and keeping communication open and engaging with your followers.

Our social media management experts have put together the benefits and purposes of using paid or organic social marketing strategies:

Organic Social

For getting your company or content noticed

For creating a tight knit community on social media

For development of personal relationships and management of relationships with your current audience or clients

Organic social is free and easy for on-going management

Embrace social channels as a opportunity to tell your brand’s story

Paid Social

Excellent for taking advantage of organic social hype that is on the rise and guarantees a boost in conversions

Perfect for getting new users to find your website

Goes hand in hand with other paid social advertising options to increase maximum reach

So which one do you need or is it worth utilizing both options? Our social media management experts can verify that it can be very difficult to get your brand and content in front of your target audience without some form of expense. While organic social growth is free, you are missing out on multiple opportunities to boost your organic social media marketing campaigns by completely avoiding paid social media advertising. Our management experts at Limelight Marketing Agency know how to utilize both forms of social media management to ensure that not one dollar that you spend on advertising goes wasted.

At Limelight Marketing Agency, our social media management experts specialize in organic and paid social management strategies and will help determine which methods are a perfect fit for your brand. With our expert social media marketing analysts, we will research your current figures and compare them to our projected methods and make changes as necessary on the fly to ensure that your brand can grow exponentially on digital social platforms, not just a small increase for a month and then fall back to square one. Speaking strictly about numbers, not partnering with our social account management experts or investing in your business’s social media management is actually causing you to miss out on potential profits.


Limelight can help any brand, regardless of niche or size

Some of the greatest social media management agencies can take your brand and determine the best solutions without causing your company and content to lose shape or form by tailoring to your specific industry or niche. Our social media management experts at Limelight can utilize strategies like organic Facebook and Instagram marketing methods to Youtube, TikTok, or Twitter paid social marketing campaigns. At Limelight, understanding your company’s identity is critical to our social media management process. The more we understand about your brand, the more we can correctly identify the most optimal social media platforms for your business to establish a strong presence in the digital world.

There are many different clients who rely on us at Limelight and we have social media management experts who are here to help you whether you are a small business, a franchise, an enterprise, or even a multiple location business.

In some cases other social media marketing agencies actually come to us to help them with their clients who are struggling to reach their target growth or struggling with social media management of difficult accounts. They entrust our white label social media management packages to assist their clients and make some of their workload management easier. Limelight marketing agency not only helps business owners become successful, but also helps launch other marketing and account management agencies who are just getting started in social media management as well!

Social media platforms that we operate on

Limelight is no stranger to establishing a strong social media presence

Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. As a trusted social media management agency, our social media management experts at Limelight know exactly the right platforms to focus on and have the years of social media management to ensure that your content will dominate on the appropriate social media platforms. Our specialty is being able to effectively blend your social media presences all together, creating an ever growing and powerful social media presence for your brand.

Facebook Management

Facebook is still one of the strongest social media platforms, still encompassing 2 billion daily active users. Facebook is an excellent platform to establish your brand as it is perfect for establishing organic follower engagement as well as having low cost marketing. If you are wanting to get a massive boost in your page’s followers, having posts created that your audience will actually engage with, and hand craft messages and responses to your audience to increase brand loyalty, Limelight has exactly what you need!

Twitter Management

Twitter is a very powerful social tool for getting your brand seen by thousands and thousands of people. All of our account management experts here at Limelight marketing agency have used Twitter for many years and they understand exactly what it takes to make that perfect viral tweet. Our social media marketing and management experts will create you the perfect account and content to carve your way on this massive social media platform.

Linkedin Management

Looking to collaborate your products and services with another business or brand? LinkedIn is excellent for finding other businesses and establishing crucial connections with other similar brands. By keeping your business profile open and having our social media management staff reach out to other businesses, you can never have to worry about another missed opportunity for massive growth again.

Instagram Management

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform to sell your products on and showcase your content as the opportunity to showcase your products and services are captured in high quality for all of the world to see. Our social media management experts at Limelight know how to create content that will shine a light on your products and services and drive your sales and user base through the roof. Instagram has a very complicated algorithm to stay on top of, and our social media management experts know exactly how to get your brand on everyone’s front page.

Youtube Management

If you want to get your brand on the front page of the internet, you absolutely cannot ignore how powerful having a Youtube channel is. Video content will rank higher than any other type of content and you have a significantly higher chance of getting noticed if you have an active Youtube community. Our social media management experts at Limelight are able to create you a channel with high quality content that will get noticed by many and it serves as an excellent plug for your website to give your brand a massive boost in credibility.

TikTok Management

One of the fastest growing social media platforms to date, TikTok offers insanely fast exposure and is incredibly easy for our social media marketing agents to market your brand and get you a massive following in no time. Ever since TikTok’s creation in 2016, our social media managers have been utilizing effective marketing strategies and have reinforced and refined our methods that ensure that no other social media marketing agency can compete with our services at Limelight. Our social media management experts will create high quality content that other social media marketing agencies can’t compete with.


Take a look at our arsenal of social media management methods to grow your numbers faster

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms let you connect with your audience and make marketing and your brand easily at any time of the day. Having this in mind, if you aren’t deploying proper social media management you risk hurting your brand and actually lose your current following if your marketing and management methods aren’t effective. Proper social media marketing is a science that we have mastered, backed up by our years of intensive market research, strategy-building, social media marketing campaigns, account management, and consumer engagement experience.

Social Media Advertising

With paid social advertising, you can see an up to 63% increase in engagement with your brand’s website or social media pages. With Limelight marketing agency, you never have to worry about losing money on another failed paid social marketing campaign again. Our social media management experts will devise the best paid and organic social marketing campaign for your brand by determining which platforms your target audience use the most and launch effective advertising that will guarantee more engagement than other social media marketing agencies can offer. You can put your trust in Limelight as we guarantee a high return on your ad spending.

Video Production

Having videos featured on all of your social media platforms will skyrocket your engagement and get you found higher on major search engines. Our social media management experts have years of experience crafting videos for our hundreds of clients to give their brand a professional feel that your audience can trust and will guarantee to sell your products and services as well as getting your content seen.

Social Media Follower Growth

Having a large social media following and being able to deploy proper account management will give your business or brand a lot of power and success. Our social media management experts can implement effective marketing campaigns utilizing paid and organic social marketing campaigns that will guarantee to raise your business from only four digits of followers to five or more! Don't suffer from having poor social account management, Limelight marketing and social account management experts will ensure that your business will get out of its social media rut and get back into the trending spotlight.

Social Media SEO

Just like marketing your website on Google, all social media platforms have a search function that users utilize to find the content or products that they are looking for. Our social media management experts know exactly how to use proper search engine optimization to ensure that your brand shows up higher than the competition and your content gets found more frequently and faster. One of our more effective marketing methods is utilizing link building which you can read more about here.

Website Design & Development

When people find your website from external links on your social media page, you want them to continue to have a consistent and long lasting impression on your brand. One of the services we offer here at Limelight digital marketing agency is website design and creation to ensure that all of your social media presence leads back to a fully functional and well designed website to further increase your following and brand loyalty.

Social Media Brand Management

Having a great public image is crucial to keeping your business successful. You don’t want to upset your audience or have mistakes on your posts which will cause your business to suffer. Our social media management team can give your brand a unique identity by having personality injected into your brand, giving your business a leg up against the other competition. Our social media management experts will ensure that while we are marketing your brand with high quality content, we are also providing excellent brand management to keep your business in the spotlight.

Social Media Content Writing

Whether it is a tweet, a Facebook post, or a blog post on your website, our social media management and marketing experts are here to create high value content with proper SEO to ensure that your content not only gets seen, but is following proper marketing strategies to increase audience satisfaction.

Social Media Reputation Management

If you are wanting your brand to be shown in a better light, our social media marketing experts will utilize our online reputation management (ORM) services to accomplish that task in record time. Our experts will increase the positive reviews on your site by using our tried and true marketing methods to shift the public eye to view your brand in a more positive perspective. If you are wanting to get a good PR boost and recover from any social media blunders, Limelight Marketing Agency is here for you.

Limelight offers white label social media management

If your social media marketing agency needs a hand, we are here to help

In the social media management industry, we understand that sometimes an operation can start to fall through or a massive increase in workflow can overwhelm you if you are just starting out. At Limelight social media marketing agency, we are here to help not only businesses with their marketing but also lending a helping hand to other social media management agencies.

Limelight is offering white label social media management services to other marketing agencies who are slowly growing but need a quick boost in satisfying their clients to increase their reputation. We welcome your agency with open arms as we share our years of experience in marketing and management from our growing team of social media management experts who will guide your agency to greatness.

Here is what our white label service provides to our partners:

  • Support for other social media marketing agencies who are looking to build their team and increase the quality of their content and proper account management advice

  • Creating custom content packets that your agency can take all the claim for, further increasing your overall standing in the social media marketing industry and making it easier for account management

  • Rise above other social media management agencies by utilizing our services and assistance, making your social media marketing agency stand out with high quality content

  • Expand your social media management business portfolio to help you get leads for future clients by utilizing our white label social media management services and high quality custom content

What white label Services are offered by Limelight?

Invest in our custom made social packages to make account management easier

There are many demands that must be met for proper social media management and Limelight offers all of the services necessary to meet those demands. We aim to assist your agency to the best of our abilities and save you time and credibility by delivering what you need, when you need it. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Deliverable-Based Packages

Need hand-written custom content in a moment's notice? Limelightʼs social media management experts offer small to large scale content deliverables for clients to use should they run into a pinch that will make management of your client’s social media accounts easier. For example, if you need a high volume of high quality optimized tweets, our social media management experts will deliver hand crafted content that you can pass off as your own while satisfying your clients and ensuring further work. Purchasing a content packet can save you a significant amount of time as well as ensuring that your client keeps you available for their account management.

Extensive Subject Matter Expertise

Our marketing and management experts here at Limelight cover a wide array of topics in their fields of expertise. Limelightʼs social media management experts will match you with the right account social media management experts to help sustain your needs and provide high quality content specific for any niche that you may need.

Dedicated Account Managers

Limelight Marketing Agency offers dedicated account management experts who have extensive knowledge of your company’s niche and years of account management experience. Our account managers will work alongside you and provide continuous support to ensure that the project at hand is operating smoothly, making account management less of a hassle.

Sharp Trendspotting

Have you hired previous social media management agencies only to be met with poor results? Those other agencies probably lacked the proper data analysis to take advantage of search engine algorithms and rising trends on all social media platforms. Nothing goes viral without Limelightʼs social media management experts knowing about it, and with us at your side, it won't be long until your content goes viral.

Quality Over Quantity Focus

Many other social media marketing agencies make false promises and fail to back up their claims. Limelightʼs marketing and social account management agents strive to maintain the highest possible quality of work for all of our services. You no longer have to worry about spam posts that have misspellings and are low quality delivered by inexperienced social account management and marketing agents if you partner with Limelight. Our social account management experts take pride in their craft so you can rest assured that we deliver on our promises.

Semi-Monthly Reports

Limelight Marketing Agency thrives on analyzing social data and keeping track of all of our statistics to ensure that our social media management is exceeding expectations. The day you partner with us, we offer real time data that you can observe all of the hard work that our expert social media managers are performing for your business.

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