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Your landing page will be heavily influential on your business's marketing plan. You don’t want one of your potential clients to find your website and get the impression that they may be being scammed or doubt the quality of your products or services. For many new entrepreneurs paving their way into the digital world, it can be difficult to get started with creating a website. Using a simple template for your needs may seem like a quick fix, however it would not leave much of an impression for your clients compared to having a custom website made by our custom web design experts.

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Using a non-custom website template may be cheaper but comes with a cost:

It may be difficult to get the design and look you truly desire with a template alternative

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Your website and its design allows you to connect with clients from all around the world and is crucial to marketing your brand and services. If you have a barebones looking website design, chances are that you are losing your potential customers and clients to another competitor that ranks higher in search engines and has a more unique look to it. Think of the last time you were shopping or browsing online services, would you make a purchase from a website that is poorly optimized and has a rough looking design?

A non-custom website template is a simple and quick method to get a basic website created. You are able to edit your site with ease and nearly anyone can design a fully operational site in just minutes. These templates are usually cheaper but they can become extremely limiting very quickly if you want to have a more unique feel for your site and lack design options.These barebone design templates all usually have the same feel and look to them and don’t stand out compared to many other businesses in your industry which can be very difficult for marketing

However, a customly designed website allows you to have so much more freedom and has access to many more features that will be imperative to growing your website’s look and design compared to a non-custom template. These features include:

  • Being able to have the website tailored and designed perfectly for your unique brand

  • Increased search engine optimization compared to a non-custom template website

  • Ability to further customize or change your website’s design in an ever changing digital world

  • More effective marketing for your business is available than compared to a non-custom template design

and so much more…


A custom made website design can be an absolute game changer when it comes to getting more traffic and selling your services online. You can have your website look just as good if not better than leading competitors in your industry if you choose our custom website design and development services. Not only will your website's custom design have a professional look and feel, it will also be optimized to increase your traffic utilizing our marketing methods as well as increase total conversion rate just based on how your custom website looks!

Our professional designers can seamlessly implement SEO friendly elements to your website while also giving it a sleek and fresh design to drive your website’s traffic higher than ever before. Designing your website is an investment; If you cheap out on your website's design and creation, you will get weaker results than getting a custom made website. Take a look for yourself at the statistics:

  • 75% of website credibility comes from having a custom design:

    You want your website’s design to appear as a legitimate entity and not give your clients the impression that you are operating a scam. If you aren’t investing into your website's design, you are going to miss out on possible sales and hurt your online reputation. Leading competitors in online businesses have a custom design and perfected Search Engine Optimization that prevents your site from showing up sooner to your client-base. With proper digital designs provided by Limelight Digital Marketing Agency, we can ensure that your site is able to compete with leading competitors in your industry.

  • 94% of companies experienced a rise in conversion rates after personalizing their websites:

    After having a custom made website designed personally for their brand, many companies saw an increased rate of their traffic’s interaction on their site and saw an increase in sales. Having a website that is more attuned to your unique brand instead of using a copy and pasted template will let your audience know that you truly are passionate about your craft and in turn further convinces them to trust your business or brand.

  • 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization:

    Having a website have a custom designed look and feel is the gold standard in this day and age. If you are struggling with marketing your brand, it may be due to competitors having a superior website design, giving potential clients the impression that the competitors’ products and services are superior. Part of our marketing strategy is being able to custom tailor your brand into something stronger and able to hold its mettle against leading industry titans.

  • Personalizing your website can give sales an increase of 12%:

    The numbers don’t lie. In a real time marketing report from February 2022, Freshrelevance reported that the use of customly designed websites saw an average increase of sales by 12%. Investing in your website’s design will give you a higher return for the money. When self marketing for your business, a well designed website will sell itself for you.


With Limelight Marketing Agency’s custom website design services, you can take your business to the next level and help increase your monthly revenue. Our marketing and custom web design experts will perform in-depth analysis on your website’s overall design to find the optimal solutions necessary to get you the results you are seeking by looking into your current conversion rate and performing assessments on your audience and brand to determine the best course of action to implement while creating your custom website design.

When you employ Limelight, we guarantee you results and increased revenue that goes right back into your pocket. Consider how much time you will save not generating profit or working with your clients when you are focused on trying to hack out custom web design on your own. Don’t have time to learn how to code? Hire our expert designers who have been crafting amazing websites for years!

Hundreds of our loyal clients have had their businesses saved by our custom website design and marketing services at Limelight. Don’t take our word for it, listen to the story of Brian Malcovich, the CEO of Kidz Kare Pediatrics and what Limelight’s Custom Website Design was able to do for him:

“I have always struggled at marketing my business and the folks at Limelight Marketing Agency saved me so much time and headaches with creating my custom website. We went from a small client base of only twenty or so patients to almost one thousand in just two months! I was more than happy to have to come in six days a week to take care of the sudden surge of patients we received. I get to live out my dream of healing those who are sick all thanks to Limelight!”

Kidz Kare Pediatrics saw an increase of the following:

New Clients


Increase In Traffic


Increase In Total Conversion Per Bi-Monthly Reviews


Increase In Online Appointments Made


Increased Satisfaction With The New Sites Design


*These statistics are taken from the values of Kidz Kare Pediatrics one month prior to employing Limelight Marketing and custom web design services and represent the total amount of value increase from the first financial quarter of the year 2022.

If you want your customer experience to be top of the line and unbeatable, Limelight Marketing Agency’s custom website designs have what it takes to make your dreams, just like Malcovich’s, come true. Custom web design is one of the many services we offer and we can guarantee success for your business just as we have for many others and counting! Schedule a free consultation today and see how much growth you are missing out on by not employing our marketing and web design services.


Website Diagnosis Services

Limelight’s experts in custom web design will take a look at your website’s current design and give it the proper diagnosis that it needs so we can keep things running swiftly and smoothly for you and your clientbase. Our custom web design experts will then address any issues that your site may be running into, such as slow start up times, checking the accuracy of your page content, and making sure that your website’s design looks good on desktop and on mobile. If any technical things are holding your website back, our experts will fix and prevent future issues with your website and its design.

Website Design Experts

if you wish to have a website stand out compared to your competitors, our web design experts will craft you the website of your dreams in reasonable time! Our experts are well versed in crafting excellent websites using multiple web design methods including Wordpress. Our Wordpress developers have years of experience designing exceptional websites with many theme options to allow you to easily craft your dream website.

Custom Logo Design

Every company needs an excellent logo to get recognized instantly. Our website designers at Limelight will create you the perfect custom logo that fits your brand. Our designers are all skilled and have the proper degrees and experience to create your dreams with ease. Sure you can get a freelance artist to help you with your custom design, but you can put your trust in Limelight to deliver. Why go through the hassle finding an artist when we have several artists ready to begin creating your designs right now!

Video Production

Having custom made videos as part of your website’s design guarantees more exposure on Google's search engine and makes marketing your brand so much easier. Our marketing and custom web design experts at Limelight have determined that having videos a part of your website's design will boost its ability to get noticed and rise against other competitors in search rankings. If you want your business to gain a boost in traffic, you can rest assured that our tried and true methods will assist your brand by creating videos to help strengthen your business as well as garnering higher search rankings making marketing easy, overall helping your site's design.

Content Writing

Our content creators here at Limelight are able to provide your website with professionally created custom content and designs to increase audience retention on your site. Our content will provide proper search engine optimization while not being intrusive. Our marketing and custom web design experts will fill out your website in engaging ways where your client base will have access to the knowledge they seek while also providing search engine optimization to get your website to the front page in no time. Our writers are eager to flesh your website out with university level writing that's perfect for catching any new client's eye and the content will market your brand to guarantee increased sales and conversion.

Ecommerce Web Design

Want to sell your products online in a saturated market? With our custom web design experts, we can help create you the perfect virtual store. Our product description is hand created to ease any concerns or skepticism your buyers may have. By giving your virtual store a personal and unique custom touch, your client base will feel more confident in purchasing your products. If you are wanting to provide products to the public online, Limelight is here to guarantee the maximum sales and brand loyalty to your customer base.

Web Hosting

Want to have a massive boost to your marketing campaigns? Our web hosting services ensure maximum reliability compared to competitors as well as continuous online support to make sure that your custom website is running 24/7 for peak optimization. Our custom web designers at Limelight Marketing Agency aim to keep all of our client’s websites running as your front page is our proof of delivery. Why risk having your domain go down with little technical support from a non-custom template website hoster? Our developers and tech support team prevents issues before they happen and are there to back you up the second something goes awry while keeping your site’s customly made design perfect.

Accessibility Features

At Limelight Marketing Agency, we understand that you may have business from all types of individuals who may be hindered while browsing your site. We aim to make it easy for anyone to access your custom made website design and is part of the many of our other quality of life standards we deliver for our clients. Our web developers aim to make your website accessible and easy to use for anyone who intends to browse your website, by making your site’s design easier and more conveniently for your clients.

CMS Intergration

At Limelight Marketing Agency, we utilize CMS methods that make it easier for you to control the content that appears on your website. Utilizing a CMS allows you to have even more control over the final look and design of your website with ease at any time of the day. Our Web Design experts can also help you create the look and feel your brand deserves to your liking, and utilizing CMS makes it much easier and faster to change your site.

Responsive Web Design

You want your website to be constantly running smoothly for your clientbase or they will run to a competitor whose site is designed better and runs more smoothly. Our Custom Web Design experts will ensure that your site is consistently responsive at all hours. Our Limelight Custom Web Design Experts will maximize all device features to ensure that you don’t lose any traffic due to slow loading times or poor web design, guaranteeing mobile device functionality is at its peak, and making adaptability to all screen sizes and devices are optimal.

Web Maintenance

Limelight’s custom web design experts are here to provide constant customer support for your website. Our developers will eliminate any problems before you or your audience can detect them and ensure that your website is running smoothly and seamlessly. With performing regular quality assurance protocols such as repairing broken links or blank images, our agents offer top of the line technical support to make sure that you don’t lose another client to a competitor due to technical issues or poor web design.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our team at Limelight Marketing Agency will track your potential missed conversion opportunities by tracing the path that visitors may take on your site by utilizing funnel analysis. Our custom web design experts are aware of the many methods that will assist you with converting your traffic into loyal customers. Some of these methods include landing page optimization, text based call to actions, developing effective lead flows, hand made custom web design, and more.

our latest custom website design projects

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A step by step process of Limelight’s Custom Web Design Services

Attract your customers and beat your competition with our custom website design services

Limelight Digital Marketing Agency has mastered the art of custom web design. The knowledge and skills we possess will launch your business higher above your competition more than another digital marketing or web design agency.


Our project managers will work with you to plan out your goals and offer you the services that best match your web design needs. We will get to know your brand and business and we can show you what we can offer you the best non-invasive methods to elevate your business without hurting your client base and guarantee projected results.

Game Plan

During your consultation, our marketing and custom web design experts at Limelight will give you projected results based on a customized review of your business's website and provide you with what services would benefit you the most. Most marketing agencies will provide you with a cookie cutter outline that they give every other client. Limelight Marketing Agency aims to provide you with a custom website makeover that is best suited for you and your brand.


Once our outline and offered services are set in stone, our custom website designers will begin the process of creating your custom website by scratch while our marketing team sets up a powerful marketing campaign. Limelight Marketing Agency’s design experts will begin crafting you the perfect custom logo and general website design as well as optimizing the copy on your page to make sure that your website is picked up on major search engines.


Once everything is up to our standards and you are satisfied with the final project, Limelight will host your website live and you can kick back and relax while you reap the benefits of a complete redesign of your site. Our custom web design experts will then constantly monitor your website and offer ongoing technical support as well as keeping your website high on search rankings using ongoing search engine optimization.

Our custom website design is award winning

Choose Limelight to create your dream website and increase your reach

Having a custom designed website will guarantee that your brand or business will have a significant edge on your competition and will even be able to compete against brands who are leading in your industry! If you skimp out on your website’s custom design, you are also skimping out on your loyal clientbase.

Having Limelight Marketing Agency design your website gives you the following advantages:

  • Affordable custom web design with professional quality

  • Around the clock technical support from our custom web design and development experts

  • Content creation designed to keep your traffic engaged on your custom website

  • Digital marketing solutions guaranteed to reach or exceed our projected assessment

Most transactions and business occur online or digitally. If you are going to be able to run a successful business or brand, you have to be able to show your audience that your brand can be trusted by having a great custom website design. Inquire about our marketing and custom web design services today and never miss another client again due to poor web design!

Limelight digital marketing agency is a company that will get you the results you desire. No more worrying about the numbers. Get into the spotlight, with Limelight.


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